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Feed Additives

Unique products based on special combinations of feed additives to produce the best quality feeds. With these additives you can keep bacteria and mycotoxins under control, ensure good digestion, improve energy utilization, reduce production costs and optimize animal performance.


DufaMix animal feed additives for various species


DufaMix Acidifiers are designed to help safeguard your animals against the negative effects of microbes, while at the same time increasing feed conversion. Our acidifiers contain a selection of highly active organic acids and their salts. These special formulations adjust the pH value of the digestive tract to increase the activity of gastrointestinal enzymes and reduce the numbers of potentially harmful bacteria e.g., E. coli and Salmonella spp. The result is an increased weight gain, enhanced stress response and improved immunity.

  • DufaMix Acid-Performance
  • DufaMix Acid-Plus


The enzyme products in the DufaMix range are heat stable, dust free and have an excellent storage and pelleting stability. Using the DufaMix enzymes in your feed composition will give optimal results and have a good impact on the flowability. NSP enzymes are available in a wide range and will improve energy utilization from cereals, cause an high viscosity reduction and can reduce production costs. Muramidase, a unique and newly developed enzyme, is also part of the DufaMix Enzymes product range as one of the main ingredients in our enzyme compositions. It will break off peptidoglycans that are the main part of the cell wall of bacteria; reducing the chance on inflammation, contributing to strengthen the intestinal barrier and improving the feed conversion ratio.

  • DufaMix Dufa-Zyme
  • DufaMix Dufa-MultiZyme

Essential oils

Essential oils are important aromatic components of various plants, herbs and spices and can be used as natural alternative for replacing antibiotic growth promoters. They can also act as an antimicrobial, antioxidant and digestive stimulant. For an optimal digestion and intestinal microbiota the DufaMix range has a unique combination of three essential oil compounds (thymol, eugenol, piperine) with medium chain fatty acids to support and improve digestion. For stimulation of enzymes secretion and improvement of feed intake the DufaMix range has an Oregano extract available, which is also known for their broad spectrum of antimicrobial and antifungal activity and enhancement of immune system functions.

  • DufaMix Dufa-Digest
  • DufaMix Orega


DufaMix Toxin-Binders are composed of brewers grains, brewer yeast, yeast and bentonite- montmorillonite clay. It’s a combination of inorganic and organic toxin binder designed to powerfully combat mycotoxins. These toxin binders possess the ability to tightly bind and immobilize toxins in the gastrointestinal tract with negligible effects on micronutrient uptake. Silymarin, a plant extract with strong antioxidant activity is an effective agent for liver protection and liver regeneration. It’s suitable for incorporation in feed for all species and categories of animals.

  • DufaMix Anti-Mould
  • DufaMix Tox-Bind
  • DufaMix Tox-Bind Advanced

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