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DufaSept: Powerful foam cleaners and disinfectants for optimal food safety and farm hygiene!

To help you maintain microbial control in your facility, Dutch Farm International is proud to offer the DufaSept product range. With this product range, Dutch Farm is able to provide high quality cleaning and disinfectant products at competitive prices. Products that will help improve biosecurity at farm level, and maintain effective hygiene control in food processing, dairy and general industries.

The DufaSept product range consists of the following products:

  • Dufa-Aqua:

Powerful and very effective drinking water system cleaner and disinfectant.
This product is based on silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide. It removes the biofilm completely from the drinking water system and disinfects the water. It’s highly effective in low concentrations and can be used in presence of animals.

  • Dufa-Clean:

Strong all-purpose alkaline foam cleaner with excellent adhesive foaming properties. For cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces in the agricultural and food industry. Ideal for barn cleaning. Dufa-Clean contains a highly concentrated blend of caustic alkali, sequestrants, surfactants and wetting agents and has proven to be highly effective in penetrating and dissolving all types of dirt and grease.

  • Dufa-Des:

Multipurpose disinfectant, very powerful, suitable for disinfection of hatcheries, livestock houses, trucks, trailers, equipment, processing areas and warehouses. Also suitable for use in shoe baths or as wheel sanitizer. Dufa-Des is composed of two different quaternary ammonium compounds glutaraldehyde (successor of formaldehyde) and surfactants. Very powerful with proven efficacy and residual action up to 144 hours, so stays active and helps preventing recontamination.

  • Dufa-Dine 1,8%:

Powerful multipurpose iodophor disinfectant for one-step cleaning and disinfection in food plants, livestock buildings and veterinary clinics. Suitable for use in drinking water systems and for the use on walls, floors and other equipment. Easy to use, one step cleaning and disinfection.

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